Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Chennai's Carnatica revelry!!!

Hello from Chennai!

Yea, its special to be in Chennai in December for all the right and wrong reasons...
The tsunami, MGR death, Floods of 2015, Vardha cyclone of 2016 and worst of all Amma's untimely death.

As if to make up for all the natural calamities and to soothe the strained hearts, Chennai more than made it up with its mellifluous music and visually delightful dance dramas.

Those men and women, old and young alike... who were clearing paths strewn with cyclone remains during the day time, were seen with pattu saree and malipoo, zari dhoti and angavasthrams at the sabha in the evenings. Doing an adi taal or humming along a kalyani or bhairavi.
Not to forget the yummilicious  sabha canteens. They were in full force, serving rasikas from 7 am till 11 pm. From breakfast to 'Ilai sapaadu', evening snacks to dinner.

Attracted by all the funfare and hype it did to me, I did attend a few of the concerts. Got bowled over.
The ultimate for me, is and will always be Dasettan ofcourse.
Undoubtedly amazing. As 'The Hindu' rightly captioned "A voice untouched by age".

Dasettan's rendition was divine, interesting, captivating. At his age, I doubt if I would sit cross legged for thirty minutes, and here he is, sitting untouched for three and half hours.

His white beard adding grace to him and age and experience adding a sparkle to his voice, it was like a magical spell.
Chakkani Raja for elaborate rendition and thani aavarthanam, reminded me so much of Sri Chembai, his guru. Bantureethikoluvu, Balakanakamaya, and many more known and mesmerising numbers. His few words of wisdom on being compassionate to human kind and to Panchaboothas was an eye opener. It was call of the day I felt.

Moved on to Shobana's Bharathanatyam. She proved herself worthy again with her swift footwork, bhavas and mudhras. Her disciples did her proud by their energetic and lightning like footwork.
I am not adept with the right terminology when it comes to dance.
The awesomeness with which she rendered Dasavatharam - the expressions, footwork, kept us enthralled. The roudhram of Narasimha, the innocence of Vaamana were highlights.

Finally, as Jaidevar's Radha, the love lorn, yearning for attention, she left the real Radha blushing. Nattuvangam lady deserves a special mention.

Finally the Harikatha concert by Visakha Hari.
Have been bowled over by her narrating style, the bhava, her voice, her comic sense and liveliness.
This time she let me down?? Or is it the new trend? Unsure.

There was more of singing, elaborate enough to make you restless.
Narayana Theerthar's history could have been short and sweet.
His 12 Tharanginis could have been elaborate interspersed with anecdotes of songs.

Instead it was full song rendition with swaraprastharam and thani avarthanams.
Felt like a paattu kacheri and not like a harikatha.
Its absolutely my personal opinion, not to offend the great artists or take away any glory of her prowess, style and expertise in the field.

Last but not the least of the season - Rajesh Chaurasiya and Jayanthi Kumaresh Jugalbandhi.
Open air courtyard at Phoenix Mall. Awesome weather to be sitting out, enjoying your favourite music I felt.

Cool breeze swept us thru, while the soothing flute and veena combo swept us off our feet.
Heard Jayanthi for the first time and got madly in love with her veena rendition.
The beginning notes of Vatapi Ganapathim followed by raag Vaachaspathi kept the audience enthralled.
Seating was somewhat unkind to the rasikas. Veena and flute more than made it up.
Adios to Chennai music season for now...
So long guys!

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