Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Amreeka - The dream continues...

Hiii Friends,

Happy New Year!!!

Feels as if 2016 passed like a lightning... Or does it feel like that always, at the end of every year??
So... Coming back to my Amreeka story...

Where were we? haan, at Chicago

On the way back from Chicago, stopped at a Mediterranean food place.
Apart from the regular Falafel, Hummus, Pita bread, their yellow lentil soup - (our Masoor Dal) was especially awesome.

Next week it was Columbus.

Traversed thru Cincinatti, an industrial city, is the vision it gave me.
A small joint, 'Ambar' restaurant was really awesome. Their naan was unbelievably soft, especially in the heart of US.

Dayton, calm city and famous for its 'National Museum of the United States Air Force'.
Awesome collection it holds within. 

'Ohio State University' structure and magnitude is hard to believe. 

'Columbus Park of Roses', kept the rose lover in me engrossed for hours... Loved every bit.

'Hollywood Casino' - a sneak peek into the Casino and gambling world. Spent few $$ earned a few... 
Lunch at 'Olive Garden' - worth a mention.
Veg options are fewer but their eggplant Parmigiana just melts. Do not miss their dessert line up, especially the cheese cakes and sampler - Dolcini. 

'Center of Science and Industry (COSI)' is really interesting for kids as well as adults.

Took a day trip to Pittsburg - the famous 'Venkateshwara Temple'.
So neat and organized. Great darshan without the jarugandi calls and pushing jostling unlike Tirupathi here.
Their cafetaria is as famous as the lord himself...  They did stand up to the reputation.

On the way back we took a detour to West Virginia, to visit the famous 'Sri Prabhupadha Golden Chariot temple'.
The cool woody path leading to the temple, thru the ghat section, is too good to be true.
The temple exteriors have worn out. The multiple exercise to plating it with real gold has now stopped after it proved expensive and futile.

The interiors is maintained and literally holds your breath. The stained glass, the murals, gem stone inlay work and the gilded gold work captures the beauty and workmanship. Its unbelievably true that all the work inside was learnt and done by the disciples themselves with no trained artisans involved.
Life like statue of Sri Prabhupada made me lose my balance in awe.

One point I wish to mention here, rather a special mention, the accessibility for senior citizen and specially abled throughout US.
Every road, every public place, every structure is built with a ramp to give access to mobility scooter, wheelchairs and such.
One can feel so independent and  mobile.

More to come... Its Canada time to follow soon...

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