Thursday, 19 May 2016

Work from Home - Acha Time Pass

Really Guys??!!!

Let's randomly pick men or women in any age group between 20 and 70...

"Oh, you work from home... Oh good for you... Acha time pass hoga na..."

And... here and now, in reality, jostling between household and timelines

Fixed time jobs are meant to be jobs with workloads, targets, office discipline, moods and fancies of superiors and juniors.

Work from home are like take it easy attitude. 
"Everyday is a Sunday for you, why crib?"

Ask those new mothers who take up a second inning job just to balance the budget or earn a few penny to buy a nappy.

Between feeding and changing, between the baby's wailing and giggling, women out there are shoving feeding bottles to the lappy and moving the mouse to feed the child some cerelac.

Still, they do deliver... and deliver the best.

"Need to log in at 10 for a concall" - "come on yaar, relax, you dont need to rush to office in crazy traffic. 
Right, but between the Dal burning on one and cooker screaming on the other
Between the baby crawling and maid brooming... try it out guys.

Try fixing Bugs, create an XL or  give a Presentation on skype.

We feel happy if we even got time just to sip a still hot chai or even run to use the rest room.

At the end of it, while still wrapping up the day's work, 

"What do you do full day sitting at home, watching TV yaar...?
Why is this here, why thats not done, why is the tap still running?
Its not as if you are working non stop. 
You are at home and how much does it take to call for the plumber and get this done." 

Guys, Full time job, you have a cut off time, work from home is seamless... endless.

Before the guys jump on me in defensive mode...

Its even worse for the guys who work from home.

Simply trampled with one word... 
"Oh, you are like a house husband, ahaa!!!.

Acha hai yaar, 
Ghar baite aaraam ki zindagi, kismat yaar...

Poor guys, slogging it out there with the irritant bosses and the time lines
Conf calls and online meetings.

Maids show up in between only to escape like a whiff of breeze.
Men are caught unaware by the already tired wives.
"Didnt you show her the clothes to wash, why are'nt the vessels done, did you really forget to buy milk... Poor souls.

So long... 
Meet you soon. And... pl dont forget to leave a few lines 

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