Friday, 20 May 2016

That cute little girl at the corner store

All of 3 or 4 years old, in a cute frilled frock, this cute little girl was walking out of her house towards the corner store.

Fluffy hair tied in a pony swaying in the air.
Pink socks and pink and white shoes neatly belted, she was walking brisk.
Her little fingers were tucked in her frock pocket, a shining gleam on her face.

As she approached the corner candy store her face became even brighter. 
Her eyes twinkled like the star. She looked truly a twinkle little star.

As she graced thru the glass jars which were full of candies, chocolates, cookies and jellies, her face was in a state of restlessness. Eyes wandered from this end of the candy jars to the other.

Yea, she was in a fix, what to buy, which to choose, what would each cost and did she have enough? 

It was a sight not to miss. 
Excitement, confusion.... You could literally see her drooling within, at the sight of the candies.

By then the store man asked her what she would like to buy.
She nodded her head up and down.
"Ok, I know you want to buy, but which one? he asked again with a smile.

By then she had somewhat zeroed in on a few of them. Her little index finger pointed at one jar full of cream filled candies in pink and orange.
"This one, ok. How many? store man asked.

By then her finger had moved to the jar at the other extreme which had eclairs in them.
"Those too or that instead of this? the man asked somewhat confused.

She shook her head up and down. The man was slowly losing it but she was so cute he couldnt yell at her.

"I shall give you one of that and one of this, will it be fine?
Is that all? he asked lovingly.

She was somewhat convinced. She is getting the best of the two worlds one each, she hadnt thought of this idea.

"How much"? she muttered in her cute gentle voice.
"A rupee each" the man answered.

She felt even happier. She knew she had a little more than that.
She now had another thought, she had five rupees her grandpa had given her before leaving out of town last evening.

She still has three, why should she shop for only two.
"Shall I pack?" asked the man. she nodded yes.
As he was packing she glanced thru the jars again.

There, her favourite Dairy Milk, small one. 
She had always wanted them. 
She didnt know how to call the store man.
Uncle, Sir...??? 

She held out her hand and waved to get his attention.
"Yes my dear? he said looking at her.

She showed the Dairy Milk and asked how much by voice and thru gesture of the folded palm in question.

"Five rupees" he answered. 
'Oh five each... If I buy that, I will just have that and I wont be able to get these two. 
These look yummy too. what do I do??? pondered the little one.

Looking at her new confusion store man lost it.
"Now my dear, have you decided, I have to take care of other business you see" he said impatiently.

She was a little taken aback. Just a drop or two welled her tiny black eyes.
Now, she had to decide. 

Just then both hers and the store man's attention were drawn a little away, where another store man was shooing away an old lady who had come begging for food at that food joint.

The little angel looked at the old lady, in dirty ragged clothes, her hair all messy and unkempt. 
At first look, she was so scary to even look at her again.
On second look the pretty kid could sense the pain and hunger in her eyes.

Cutie pie blinked her eyes hard once. She had decided.

She turned towards her store man who was back into his business mood by then.
She looked beyond the candy jars at the table top. She could see breads and buns.

She pointed at a bun and asked him how much.
Store man in a stern voice said, "four rupees".

"I want one eclair and one bun" she said in a clear decisive voice.
The man was now surprised but packed it neatly and handed it to her.
The kid took out the eclair put it in her pocket.
She paid the store man and gently walked towards the old lady.

Now she was brave... No, she wasnt scared, after all she is grown up, as mama says.
She handed the brown packet with the bun to the old lady. 
She was astonished. she hesitantly reached out her hand and took the packet. She could see it had a bun in it. 

Words failed her. Tears welled up. she placed her right hand gently on the kid's head and blessed her moving down to her chubby cheeks caressing them and taking the same to her mouth gently gave her a kiss in the air.

The kido smiled happily.
The store man was stunned and he smiled too. 
He felt an urge within. He reached out for a couple of cookies and handed it to the old lady.

When he peeped out from his store window he could see the cute little darling was walking towards her home with a skip and hop in every step. Her face all lit with happiness and content.
Oh yes!, her mouth was chewing on the eclair enjoying every drop of the sweetness.:)

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