Thursday, 27 April 2017

Dooor ki Darshan - Kahaan gaye woh din!!!

Dooor ki Darshan - Kahaan gaye woh din!!!

Hi Folks!
Long time...

Happened to stumble upon some TV serials of yore... the Golden Days of Doordarshan...

What fun it used to be!
I was so excited that I ended up watching a handful of episodes back to back of the famous serial "Nukkad"

So many characters set in a simple setting of a Nukkad - it brought alive the unassuming street corners of any big city, which any of us could relate to.

Characters, so down to earth, their life, turmoils, small happiness, their livelihood... The sharing, caring... The festivals and calamities...
I got so engrossed watching and reliving those times... so nostalgic!

One of the main character 'Guru' ( Dilip Dhavan) unfortunately he is not among us today... It's sad... A good actor he was, indeed, and of course with a joyful pleasant voice.

'Kopdi' Sameer Kakkar is for TV, what Keshto Mukherji was to movies, when it comes to personifying a drunkard on screen. Sameer lived his role, I should say, that it impressed Kamalhaasan so much so, that he cast him in his silent movie ‘Pushpak’ as a millionaire drunkard around whom the story is wound.

Pavan Malhotra - who can forget this young lanky lad with his puppy love for Madhu – daughter of sethji. He soon graduated as a Juggler in “Circus” serial.
He has grown thru the ages, his acting getting better… Whether it is Bhaag Milka Bhaag or Jab we met, he excels even in his cameo roles.

The silent love between Maria teacher (Rama Vij) and Guru, the puppy love of Hari and Madhu, the one sided love of Radha (Sangeeta) on Hari…
What a bunch of characters – beggar to sweeper, paanwala to chaiwala, cycle repair to electrical repairs, kirana store to jewellery store, policewala to neta, unemployed to unpad...
Simple episode lines, simple characters…

It’s success was inspiring enough for many such serials to follow…
Manoranjan – life about movie world
Intezar – life around a small town railway station
Circus – life around the circus world
Fauji – life and travails of army men

How exciting it was to watch ‘Yeh jo zindagi’ … We miss you Shafi ji.
Swaroop Sampat, Satish Shah, Ramesh and many more fun filled characters.

‘Wagle ki duniya’ – who could forget Anjan Srivastav ji’ who was famous for calling out to his wife Bharati Acrekar “Radhikaaa”

Not to miss ‘Humlog’ and ‘Buniyaad’.

I should say I learnt more about Indian history from ‘Bharat ek Khoj’ than my history classes.

When it was just Doordarshan we enjoyed more, we learnt more, excitement and looking forward for those few hours of quality entertainment was more.

We have 200 channels of 24 hours service, alas!
I find myself just surfing thru’ half the time… if not, I find myself watching a movie or old serial on Youtube or new ones on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

What’s gone wrong with today’s crop of so called serials, mega thodar, mega serial… It’s grown leaps and bounds in number size and length… but quality???

What are we teaching/showing our kids?

Mothers and Mothers in law in flashy clothes gawdy makeup and big Bindhis plotting against bahus…(No offense meant, whatsoever, on any particular character or serial or actor/actresses)

Men involved in their own business plotting and conspiracies…  

Its either family feud or corporate feud, religion based old practices or ultra modern adultery…

Anything for TRP rating??? It’s sad...

80’s kids were luckiest. No wonder today’s kids are glued to their laptops/game consoles or ipads/iphones/android phones for want of quality entertainment on TV. Choice is more but no water to quench.

Kahaan gaye who din…

Adios, meet you soon…

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