Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hi Folks!
I am back.

Recently, read an article. A much circulated one, in social network.
Its all about, if we wish to be a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean. The conclusion says, we should be like coffee.

This has been in my mind for sometime now. Pondering more, here's what I felt.
This is my own personal interpretation - with all due respect to the writer, who first wrote the article.

Carrot goes in the hot water hard, comes out soft.
Egg goes in fragile and comes out hard.
Coffee bean goes into hot water, changes the water's nature, colour and taste. Makes it a totally different element altogether.
Everyone talks about the coffee. There's no water there anymore.

Is this what we want to be? I agree, we need to make our presence felt. A majestic, worthy impression at that.
We should be a great influence, make Change happen, as that's the only one which is constant.

At the same time, why look to change the other person, be it your better half or superior at office or your own kid or a dear friend. Every person, has the right to retain his or her individuality isn't it??

If not for the water, there wouldnt be a coffee. Even for an instant coffee, we need hot water.
Water adapts to the change so graciously and gracefully. It acts like a catalyst in many a worldly changes.

Why not be like water. Be pliable, compassionate. Compromise, but not without a reason. Be a catalyst in someone's life. Make the better of them and in the process, our self.

Water is so graceful, like I said. It takes the colour, shape, size of the vessel. It gives in, while boiling and freezing. Beyond both points, it becomes a whole new element, but still, water is in there. It proves that its inevitable.
We dont stop using it, just because its frozen or boiling.

More so, water is the only connecting source between the sky and earth. Its never gone and out. What goes up comes back to earth as rain. Filling the water bodies, it goes up again to form clouds only to come back to us.
What a beautiful example, of what life is all about.
If theories are to be believed, isn't this, the life cycle and Darvin's theory all about...

I wish, I could be a cool splash of water on someone, who has had a long day.
A drizzle, on a playful child
A sudden splash of rain, to surprise someone.
A stream, washing away, those long travelled, pained feet.
A cool glass, to quench the thirsty.

Now, do I hear the raindrops in my balcony?? Let me go.
See you soon guys... Adios.

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